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August 2020

Jephcott Charitable Trust

The Jephcott Charitable Trust provides funds for specific projects or part of a project where successful monitoring can be achieved and which the Trustees consider suitable.

The funding priorities are:

The diversity of appeals presented to the Trust makes it very difficult to apply definite rules for selection. The Trustees are very flexible in their approach and take into account the following when considering a project:

  1. 'Pump-priming' donations  - usually given to new organisations and areas of work
  2. The ability to effectively evaluate and monitor the long-term benefit and value of the donation
  3. Local involvement in overseas projects and local sourcing of any materials required
  4. Involvement with a third party - for example ODA, NGO
  5. Charity administration costs as a percentage of funds raised – this should be below 15%
  6. The reserves and assets held by the Charity
  7. Whether the project is basic or palliative, on-going and long-term
  8. To what extent has the organisation has helped themselves and sought to raise funds
  9. Whether the applicant has been the subject of any adverse comment or action by the Charity Commission - If so full details must be provided

Grants are made in the range of £2,000 to £10,000, and in exceptional cases only, up to £20,000.

Application Form: Available to download from the website along with the guidelines.

Deadline: Applications can be submitted at any time (The Trustees normally meet in April and October each year). Please ensure that the Trust will have time to consider your application before the funds are required.

Contact: The Jephcott Charitable Trust, The Threshing Barn, Ford, Kingsbridge, Devon, TQ7 2LN