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August 2017

Hedley Foundation

The main objective of the Trustees' grant-making is to assist and encourage development and change.  It follows that most grants will be of capital or one-off nature, but the Trustees sometimes agree to help fund the introduction of new and innovative projects with a series of up to 3 annual grants.  Few grants exceed £5,000 and most of them go to charities where they can make an impact.  They do not support large or national appeals.

Young people:  their education, recreation, support, training, health and welfare,

Subsidiary objectives

Disabled people and the terminally ill:  provision of specialist equipment and support for carers,

Grants for specific projects only, mostly one-off, but no core revenue, salary or transport funding.  The Foundation makes a limited number of recurring grants for up to three years.

Application Form: Available to download from the website.

Contact: Mrs Pauline Barker, The Hedley Foundation, 1-3 College Hill, London EC4R 2RA Email: 

Deadline: The Trustees meet six times a year. The closing date for an application is three weeks before a meeting.