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September 2021

Third House Trust

Grants are made to UK-registered charities for the advancement of the education and training and the promotion of the moral and spiritual wellbeing of prisoners, which expression shall mean persons who are suffering or have suffered a legal restriction on their liberty in any penal or correctional establishment or through any means whatsoever, and shall include persons lately discharged from Norman House and Second House and secondly at the discretion of the trustees in the relief of persons in necessitous circumstances.'

Application Form:  Apply by letter to the Trust Administrator  .Initial applications must include clear details of the need the project is designed to meet, plus a budget, annual report and accounts for the last two years.

Deadlines:  Applications should be submitted by the end of April for consideration in July and by the end of October for consideration in January.

Contact: Harry Berman, 4 Rossdale Drive, London N9 7LG 

Telephone:  0208 292 3315