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April 2021

Leche Trust

The Leche Trust is a registered, grant-making charity (225659) founded and endowed by the late Mr. Angus Acworth CBE.

The Leche Trustees offer grants in two areas: performing arts and conservation.

Performing Arts

Their priorities for music, theatre and dance are:

Theyim to achieve a broad balance between music, theatre and dance projects, and take into account the number and location of the audiences and/or individuals likely to benefit.


They support the conservation of historic objects, collections and features of buildings and designed landscapes which are pre-Victorian in date, i.e. pre-1830s.

In the case of churches, they will consider supporting the conservation of items such as monuments, wall paintings, stained glass, and historic furniture and fittings.

They prefer to give grants to smaller projects, or specific elements of projects, where their contribution can have a greater impact.

Projects may include conservation surveys and preventive measures as well as remedial work, and they will consider grants towards the acquisition of items for collections.

Application Form: Apply in writing. A breakdown of requirements are available on the website.

Deadline: The trustees meet three times a year to review applications, normally in February, June and October. Deadlines are usually mid-December, mid-April and mid-August

Contact: The Leche Trust, 105, Greenway Avenue, London, E17 3QL

Tel: 020 3233 0023