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September 2021

Dulverton Trust

The Dulverton Trust operate within the following main areas of activity:

Youth Opportunities: This is our largest category and aims to support charities that help disadvantaged children and young people to adopt a more positive attitude to their lives, raise their aspirations and realise their full potential. They support a wide range of charities working in this area, including:

General Welfare: They support a wide range of activities that benefit disadvantaged people and communities, with particular interest in:

Conservation: The Trust is keen to support the general conservation and protection of wildlife habitats within the United Kingdom. They also encourage projects concerning the protection and sympathetic management of trees and native woodlands, as well as projects with a focus on coastal and marine protection.

Preservation: They encourage the development of craftsmanship in the traditional techniques of repair and restoration and have a strong interest in in heritage skills training, particularly where it may benefit a disadvantaged group.

Peace and Humanitarian Support: This is a restricted category concerned with:

Africa: Unless there are exceptional circumstances, they will support only a small number of UK registered charities operating in Kenya or Uganda, which already have a long association with the Trust. These usually work in the fields of community development (in particular, the provision of water and power, and the encouragement of farming and market gardening) and wildlife conservation.

While the Trust has a broadly Christian ethos, welcoming applications from other faith and non-faith charities. Priority will be given to projects which are open to all members of the community. Trustees regularly review our grant-making policy and any changes will be posted on this website.

Application Form: Online process via website once you have completed the eligibility quiz (they rarely accept paper/email applications)

Deadline: Applications can be submitted at any time. The Trustees meet three times a year to consider grant proposals: in February, June and October. The selection process can take between three and six months so it is advisable to apply in plenty of time, especially if funding is required by a certain date.

Contact: The Dulverton Trust, 5, St James's Place, London SW1A 1NP

Tel: 020 7495 7852

Fax: 0207 629 6501