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September 2021

Yorkshire Building Society Charitable Foundation

Yorkshire Building Society Charitable Foundation was established in 1998 as a registered charity independent of YBS Group.

The Charitable Foundation has two priority areas:

1. Alleviating poverty
2. Improving health / saving lives

The Charitable Foundation supports these priorities by making donations of up to £2,000 to UK registered charities, recommended by the Society’s members and colleagues.

They are proud to support beneficiaries such as children, those who are seriously ill, as well as elderly, homeless and disabled people.

The Charitable Foundation considers applications to fund specific projects and/or items that will have a positive impact to the charity’s beneficiaries.


To be considered for a donation the charity must meet the following basic eligibility criteria:


All applications are reviewed on a quarterly basis by the Trustees.

The Trustees decide which applications to approve based on the need of each charity and how much funds are available. Once Trustees have reviewed all applications, they will inform the colleague or member and the charities of their decision. Donations are sent directly to successful charities at the end of each quarter.

Application Form: Apply on line using the online system on the website below or apply in a local branch.