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June 2021

The Art Fund

The Art Fund exist to secure great art for museums and galleries all across the UK for everyone to enjoy. They do this by helping to buy, save and show works of art – of all ages and all kinds – by giving grants, placing gifts of art, fundraising and campaigning.

Helping to bring works of art into museums and galleries sits at the heart of what they do – but they are working with public collections to support them in new ways. They will help more people enjoy art by building a creative funding programme to support museums and galleries in the delivery of art to all corners of the UK. They award funding in two ways: through an open-application process and through special funding initiatives, often in partnership with other organisations. Museums and galleries who want to apply for funding from them or work with them on a project or campaign, should visit the website below for further information.

How they can help

The Art Fund supports the development of museum and gallery collections by funding acquisitions, the training and development of curators, and enabling collections to be shared with the widest possible audience. They also promote museum and gallery partners to visitors across the country.

Application Form: Apply via an online application process.

Deadline: The deadline varies for different grants - please see the website for individual grant details.

Contact: The Art Fund, PO Box 3678, Melksham, SN12 9AP

Tel: 0844 415 4100 (Opening hours: Monday to Friday 8am-8pm; Saturdays 10am-2pm. Closed on bank holidays.)