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June 2021

Grants for War Memorials - England

Works to freestanding war memorials in England are eligible for support through the Grants for War Memorials funded by English Heritage and The Wolfson Foundation.

The Trust's Small Grants Scheme has recently been reviewed and so there are some changes in the eligibility criteria for the scheme. There is also a new Application Form and new Guidance Notes for the scheme. Please check principles and eligibility criteria from the website.

Grants are currently available up to 75% of eligible costs with a normal maximum grant of £30,000. Depending on the cost of your project you will have different requirements in relation to obtaining quotes/tenders. Grants can start from as little as £50 and have been above £30,000 in exceptional cases where substantial projects have been undertaken. War Memorials Trust seeks to help all war memorial custodians, whatever the nature and size of their war memorial by facilitating repair and conservation projects.

Types of things we fund:

War Memorials Trust currently runs four different grant schemes. They all have different eligibility criteria and separate application forms. Eligibility to a particular scheme will depend on where in the UK the memorial is located, whether it is freestanding or not and what work you propose. Information is available on the website.

Application Form: You need to check your eligibility and submit a Grant Pre-application Form to clarify if the Grants for War Memorials scheme is right for your project before an application can be submitted.

Deadline: Applications can be submitted at any time.

Contact: 14 Buckingham Palace Road, London SW1W 0QP

Tel: Conservation advice/grants: 020 7233 7356