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May 2021

Ibrahim Foundation

This Foundation makes grants to organisations which aim to improve the quality of life for people and communities in the UK, both now and in the future. They like to consider work which others may find hard to fund, perhaps because it breaks new ground, appears too risky, requires core funding, or needs a more unusual form of financial help such as a loan.

The foundation has always believed in the need to support and maintain a free, stable and socially cohesive society, where enterprise is encouraged and people are able to realise their potential, take advantage of opportunities and play their part in democratic life.

The grants range from £500 - £10,000. Extraordinary projects may receive grants up to £50,000.

The Foundation does not have areas of focus in grant making. They believe those on the front lines in the community best understand the particular needs and where grants will bear the greatest fruits. They look for situations where small amounts of funds will make significant impact. However, they are particularly interested in the following areas:-

Community Building, Strengthening Nonprofits, Environment, Supporting Families.

Application Form: Apply in writing following the guidance on the website.

Deadline: Applications can be submitted at any time.