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June 2021

ENTRUST - Landfill Communities Fund

The principle of the Landfill Communities Fund (LCF)  is that it offsets some of the negative impacts of landfill sites by allowing the Landfill Operators to pay a proportion of their landfill tax liability to not-for-profit organisations that deliver benefits to the general public, biodiversity or the environment. LCF aims to create significant environmental benefits and jobs, to promote sustainable waste management, and to undertake projects which improve the lives of communities living near landfill sites.

Environmental Bodies which distribute funds are listed on the website.  Each accredited EB will have their own requirements for the scheme but projects should meet the Landfill Communities Fund Objects:  

Object A: The remediation or restoration of land which can not now be used because of a ceased activity that used to take place there.

Object B: The reduction, prevention or mitigation of effects of pollution that has resulted, or may result, from an activity which has now ceased.

Object D: The provision, maintenance or improvement of a public park or another  public amenity.

Object DA: The conservation of a specific species or a specific habitat where it naturally occurs.

Object E: The repair, maintenance or restoration of a place of worship or a place of architectural importance.


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