Community Matters Funding Services

To ensure your group is ready to apply for funding, there is a checklist below which you may find useful.

About your group ...

  • Does your group have a constitution or set of rules?
  • Does your group have a Management Committee?
  • Does your Management Committee have a Chairperson?
  • Does your Management Committee have a Treasurer?
  • Does your Management Committee have a Secretary?
  • Does your group have a bank or building society account in its own name?
  • Does the bank account have at least 3 signatories?
  • Does your group have a clear understanding of its aims and objectives?
  • Is your group clear about the services it provides?
  • Do you know what resources your group has e.g.workers,volunteers, grants, office and equipment etc?

What kind of Group are you? What legal structure does your group have? (You can be more than one of these) ...

  • Unincorporated association (group, club, or society)?
  • Registered Charity?
  • Company Limited by Guarantee?
  • CIC?
  • CIO?
  • Are you branch of a national organisation without your own constitution?
  • Other?
  • If needed is there an organisation who will accept money on your behalf?

About your group's policies and procedures ...

  • Do you keep minutes of all committee meetings?
  • Do you have systems in place to record income and expenditure?
  • Do you have relevant policies e.g.
    • Health and safety?
    • Equal opportunities?
    • Safeguarding?
    • If you have employees, do you have Employment Policies?
  • Does your group have insurance to cover its legal responsibilities?

About your group's funding ...

  • Do you have a fundraising plan?
  • Do you have a fundraising group?
  • Do you keep a records of your funding applications and any correspondence (good and bad with funders?
  • Does your group have an independent referee?
  • Does your group identify a named person to act as a point of contact when submitting funding bids?

There are a wide range of help sheets available at; however, you will be asked to pay a modest subscription to access these. This will also give you access to Community Matter's funding database and the monthly funding newsletter.

Our Vision

The Community Matters vision is to provide a sustainable and effective "hub" of learning, support, advice and guidance, enabling local communities and organisations to grow and achieve through the provision of a high quality service.

We do this in a number of ways through our various projects which at the moment concentrate on working with children, young people and families. But not exclusively. We are able to provide training, learning opportunities and business related advice, guidance and information to individuals and organisations.